Abdulrahman Ahmed Law Firm Advocacy and Legal Counsel’s Litigation team advise clients on all types of civil and commercial litigation. We offer tailored legal solutions to each client and advise on all stages of the litigation process, from evaluating the strength of potential claims to advocating on our clients’ behalf in court. As a local law firm, our team of highly skilled and experienced advocates and legal consultants are permitted to appear before all courts of the UAE (including the Federal Supreme Court) and the Dubai International Financial Centre.

Internationally licensed, experienced and educated, our diverse team combine a wealth of international knowledge with unrivalled understanding of UAE law. We have acted on some of the most high-profile cases in the UAE and have recognised expertise in the following areas:


We offer our construction clients a comprehensive advisory service, from drafting and reviewing standard-form and bespoke contracts with the aim of avoiding future disputes, to representing our clients’ interests in court when disputes do arise. Our superior knowledge of the construction industry in the UAE combined with our ability to navigate the local judicial system means we are ideally placed to support the needs of contractors, developers, consultants and financiers.


We advise clients, employers and employees, on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious labour issues in the UAE. Our litigation team have significant experience in advising on boardroom disputes, severance claims, discrimination and breach of contract claims, settlement negotiations and all types of labour-related disputes.



With the ever-growing standards of competition, we understand the need to protect the trade secrets of our clients. Our lawyers are well equipped to deal with cases regarding the breach of confidentiality agreements that are part of the employment contracts to help secure the trade secrets.

“We represent our clients in arbitration and litigation and also assist them with the procedures to be followed at the labour ministry on breach of employment contracts…”

We represent our clients in arbitration and litigation and also assist them with the procedures to be followed at the labour ministry on breach of employment contracts due to breach of confidentiality. We take cognizance of the UAE confidentiality law in the light of which we provide our professional advice to our esteemed clients. We work closely with our clients identify instances of the breach of confidentiality and handle it to any extent possible up to logical conclusion.

Our professional human resource experts, labour law experts and lawyers are ever-ready to live to the expectations of our clients in any case involving breach of confidentiality according to the applicable laws in Dubai. Our focus is always on safeguarding the interests of our clients.


Our moral and professional obligations inspire us to maintain a holistic and objective approach to all issues we handle. We take up cases of unlawful termination and wrongful dismissal of an employee by his employers.

Our experts in human resources and lawyers are well versed in UAE’s relevant laws hence we give appropriate advice to our clients, represent them in relevant tribunals and courts.

Through constant communication with our clients we advise them at all levels and in all circumstances of their employment according to the labour laws of the UAE. We make sure that our clients are aware of their rights and duties towards the employer.


We, at Abdulrahman Ahmed Law Firm, are strong supporters of human rights and uphold them at all times. Apart from spreading awareness we also advise our clients on how to uphold the human rights of their workers and their own human rights.

Our lawyers advocate human rights in all circumstances and therefore are passionate about representing our clients in court to secure them their human rights.


There have been major developments in the banking and finance industry in the Middle East in recent years. The increasing number of financial products available, together with the globalisation of banking transactions, means that the scope for disputes in the banking sector is broadening, becoming more complicated and involving multiple jurisdictions. Our specialists advise a range of clients, from banks to investors, on banking litigation and enforcement matters in the UAE.

Intellectual Property

Our team understand the importance of protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights in the UAE. We have considerable experience in enforcement proceedings in the UAE Courts and have successfully prosecuted cases involving disputes relating to a wide range of IP issues from patents and trademarks to infringement and copyright issues.


Our extensive litigation experience in all Courts of the UAE also extends to the Administrative Courts. We act for clients in relation to disputes arising from all types of administrative contracts, from agency agreements to service contracts, to which governmental bodies are a party to.

Real Estate

Real Estate has been the cornerstone of Abdulrahman Ahmed Law Firm & Legal Consultants since the firm was founded.

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the federal and local laws, regulations and practices relating to real estate matters in the UAE. We have extensive experience in real estate and property litigation and advise developers, owners, buyers and real estate companies on a broad range of disputes from the sale and acquisition of real estate to disputes between joint venture partners.

Our team also advise on landlord and tenant disputes and are supported by our specialist rent committee advisors. We advise on lease renewals, terminations, tenancy disputes and rent reviews for commercial, retail and residential property.

Our knowledge of UAE property law is comprehensive, with extensive and diverse commercial real estate experience which spans all types of properties and at every stage from planning and acquisition to disposition, financing, development, leasing and operation. Our clients benefit from responsive, reliable advice particularly on matters such as joint ventures, land use, zoning and planning. We have extensive experience handling multi-estate transactions.

Due to the evolutionary nature of the UAE, not only in terms of real estate, but in terms of the legislation, our local lawyers are invaluable to our service and produce practical solutions to the issues faced by our clients on a daily basis.

Having all-encompassing experience is appreciated when it comes to coordinating complex real estate projects from their very inception through to completion, this will often include drafting documentation, overseeing negotiations and reviewing all transactional documentation.

Quite often our clients are looking to obtain real estate, either on-shore or off-shore, therefore our corporate department will advise on the procurement and/or disposal of real estate across the region. Our corporate real estate team work in tandem with our clients to ensure any potential risk is minimised with regards to their projects. We provide first class commercial advice on all issues relevant to real estate matters.

This is highly regarded department amongst our peers, with many international law firms working closely with us for our in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations, as our lawyers are licenced to appear before all levels of the UAE Courts, government institutions and departments such as Dubai Land Department and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

Our expertise in real estate are recognised by numerous local and international corporations, and our clients are varied, including developers, both public and private, financial institutions, land departments, government bodies and landlords. Our experience spans the full development of freehold and lease properties including; corporate, residential, hospitality, retail, medical, industrial and manufacturing, mixed-use, parks, sports stadiums and unimproved land.

Our real estate dispute resolution, which includes litigation and arbitration, includes matters involving multi-million-dollar arbitrations and litigations, for some of the most prominent companies in the region including Al Burj Real Estate, DAMAC, Dubai Properties Group and Dubai Holding.

Our real estate team is renowned for:

Being market leaders in the real estate practice area, with it being one of our main sources of business across the firm;

Having an excellent combination of regional and western lawyers;

Our lawyers and partners being specialists in real estate dispute resolution in the UAE, including litigation and arbitration;

Commercial real estate transactions;

Having in-depth knowledge of local laws, regulations and departments such as Dubai Land Department and the Real Estate Regulatory Authority;

Our extensive commercial real estate experience across all types of properties, from planning and acquisition to disposition, financing, development, leasing and operation;

Our advice on matters such as joint ventures, zoning and planning, and multi-estate transactions;

Advising on mixed use development and jointly owned property;

Establishing real estate funds and REITs.

Corporate & Commercial

As a local law firm, our corporate department are well regarded in the UAE as having deep-rooted knowledge and understanding regarding the legalities of conducting business in the UAE.

We offer a full range of corporate financial advice, including venture financing, public offerings, strategic alliances, technology transactions and highly complex mergers and acquisitions.

Our corporate lawyers specialise in; UAE Federal law, company laws, commercial agency law, real estate law, labour law, maritime law, freehold law and employment law. We are known for providing clarity to clients in complex commercial transactions such as cryptocurrency and its legality, enforcement and practical implications under the UAE Laws; advising on the sale/transfer of consolidated plots of land, as well as advice on development agreements and VAT implications; negotiating with business partners and drafting all necessary agreements on behalf of our clients. We provide timely advice to clients with regards to their contractual obligations under the UAE laws.

Our international and regional corporate clients come from various industry sectors including oil & gas, government and semi-government, insurance, healthcare and education. Our long-standing reputation in the UAE and knowledge of local laws sets us apart in our ability to advise on the correct documentation and regulations to ensure full compliance of our clients’ legal requirements, ensuring the companies will not be fined or their reputation impacted.

Corporate Structuring

When advising on corporate structuring and transactions, the commercial objectives of our clients are our main concern. We offer the highest quality of advice on company restructures following a range of transformations including; change of ownership, de-merger, bankruptcy, economic climate, relocation or take-overs, debt restructuring and financial restructuring, both onshore and in the various UAE free zones.

We conduct due diligence, draft and review documents on company structuring matters such as:

Legal compliance.

Structuring strategies.

Obtaining approvals from government authorities.

Legislation of agreements from relevant authorities.


Our lawyers have considerable experience in establishing and restructuring companies within the DIFC. We are well-versed in DIFC laws and the formation of organisations within the DIFC, providing both contentious and non-contentious legal advisory services under the DIFC and DFSA